Knowledge Organization, Representation,
and Annotation

Knora is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities.

Digital filing cabinet


Work with humanities data

Create, Store, Share, and Work with Humanities Data

A Knora repository is a place for doing research. Knora can store texts, images, audio and video recordings, metadata, annotations, text markup, and any other data created by humanities research. It is designed for long-term preservation, and at the same time it provides powerful tools for searching, annotating, extending, linking, sharing, and reusing data.

Find and Link Data across Projects

With Knora, you can search for and link data across projects, search for dates in one calendar and find corresponding dates in other calendars, link a word in a text to an annotation of part of an image, and search for text markup across large numbers of texts.

Find your data



June 30, 2018

Release 1.6.0

See the release and closed tickets on the v1.6.0 milestone on Github.

Required changes to existing data:

A project is now required to have at least one description, so potentially a description will need to be added to those projects that don’t have one.

New features:


→ Release note on GitHub

May 30, 2018

Release 1.5.0

New features:

  • Resources can be returned in the simple ontology schema.
  • Text values can specify the language of the text.
  • Responses can be returned in Turtle and RDF/XML.


  • Incorrect representation of IRI object values in JSON-LD.
  • GenerateContributorsFile broken

→ Release note on GitHub

April 30, 2018

Release 1.4.0

Required changes to existing data:

Every ontology must now have the property knora-base:attachedToProject, which points to the IRI of the project that is responsible for the ontology. This must be added to each project-specific ontology in existing repositories. All built-in ontologies have been updated to have this property, and must, therefore, be reloaded into existing repositories. The property knora-base:projectOntology has been removed, and must be removed from project definitions in existing repositories.

Every project now needs to have the property knora-base:projectShortcode set.

→ Release note on GitHub